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Fusion Mobile

FUSION JOBS, JCMB’s Open Business System, is a real-time field crew dispatch application built on Microsoft®.NET technology. Using a wireless messaging system, field crews can be notified of scheduled and unscheduled fieldwork directly in their vehicles. FUSION JOBS also provides an up-to-the-minute activity status, detailed fieldwork reporting and it enables crews to perform on-site redlining with GPS accuracy.


FUSION JOBS was created with dispatchers in mind. However, operations managers, supervisors, field crews, and customer service representatives also report many valuable benefits to accessing the real-time FUSION JOBS information. For example, providing the CIS with updated customer billing information allows for a quicker and more accurate invoicing process.
On-site sketches or redlining allows field crews to contribute to the maintenance of their Network Data Model by transferring their fieldwork notes to the home server. Their GPS-accurate redlining and textual notes may then be graphically cleaned-up and permanently added to the Network database.

Fusion JOBS is perfectly suite to perform task related to field survey, inspection, damage assessment, vegetation management, meter reading, Smart Grid meter deployment and more.

How does it work?

FUSION JOBS is comprised of four components:

1. Dispatch Application

FUSION JOBS Dispatch provides a customizable way to wirelessly dispatch fieldwork to crews. It works with Cellular, CDPD, Private 900Mhz or any other TCP/IP capable radio network. It also provides a real-time activity status as well as detailed fieldwork reporting.

Highlights include:

  • Manually create a field order and dispatch it in real-time.
  • Visualize the location of all field orders through an integrated viewer.
  • Gas/Water/Electric facilities may all be part of the visual display, including landbase with street names.
  • Reassign fieldwork as necessary in emergency situations.
  • User-definable icons on the display show field crews’ locations. (FUSION JOBS VL)
  • View crew work sequence and crew activity.
  • Job staging for future activity.

2. Client Application (mobile)

The client application is simple to use.  It provides a straightforward method for field crews to receive scheduled and unscheduled work in the form of an email-type message.

Highlights include:

  • Sort and group jobs for desired work sequence.
  • Time stamped job processing.
  • Personalized or pre-formatted job completion notes and data fields.
  • Automatically reconnects when out-of-range or offline.
  • Redlining with GPS accuracy.

3. Services (FUSION DataPorts)

Interfacing FUSION JOBS to the CIS is an optional service that has proven cost-cutting advantages. Interfacing FUSION JOBS to a CIS is extremely flexible (using the .NET Framework). A single or bi-directional CIS DataPort link allows for added functionality such as CIS initiated fieldwork: moving customers in/out and field investigations. Fieldwork provides the CIS with: customer name, address, account status, premise number, meter number and meter consumption, to name a few.

4. Server Application

This .NET component is the FUSION JOBS communications framework that manages all the inter-component data sharing.





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